How do you go about voting for the right judge?

Here in Arizona, we vote for judges periodically.  Other times, we vote on whether judges should stay in office.  As voting time nears, the liberals and Dems hide the politics of their judges behind carefully worded "biographies" that tell you everything you never wanted to know but conceal the one thing you did: "Pub or Dem?" It isn't that Republican judges are solidly behind the Constitution and always rule in ways that make sense.  Sometimes Republican judges rule oddly.  But the alternative, Democrat judges, solidly supports and rules in favor of strangeling politics that erodes public confidence in our institutions and leaves us at the mercy of crooks, criminals, gangs, and people who aren't very well mannered. So when you vote for a judge, or for a judge's retention, you do like everyone else and try to ferret out ahead of time the judge's politics.  This isn't always...(Read Full Post)
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