Honduras's paid caravan 'refugees' exposed as frauds by Venezuela's real refugees

To hear the left and its complicit press tell it, the great 4,000-strong caravan of Hondurans snaking through through Guatemala and Mexico on their way to the U.S. to claim asylum, are just desperate refugees, traveling in a group to ensure their safety. That was how the New York Times wrote it up. Well, no. Turns out they're being paid, in money, standing in line for their paychecks. A video posted by Rep. Matt Gaetz and highlighted on DC Whispers shows the process:     Compared to Honduran wages, where the per capita income is around $2,200, it's undoubtedly nice work if you can get it. And it highlights that the caravan march is just a job like any other, Honduras' lower middle class being hired for a publicity stunt by some moneybags with an interest in eroding rule of law at the U.S. border. Gaetz openly wondered if it was George Soros, who's sponsored such things in the past. It explains the newish-looking clothes being worn...(Read Full Post)
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