Hilarious: Andrea Mitchell asks historian to debunk a Trump claim and gets an unpleasant surprise

An odd form of hubris has overtaken Democrats in both their political and media branches.  They are so certain that President Trump is ignorant and they are smart that they march right into traps of their own devising.  Consider this face-plant by Andrea Mitchell, dead certain that President Trump must be incorrect in has claim about Abraham Lincoln: that event the Gettysburg Address was criticized by Lincoln's  contemporaries.


Transcript via Grabien:

MITCHELL: "The book is 'Presidents of War' and it is extraordinary, it is compelling. You bring it to life. One quick question; one quick fact-check. The president has been saying that Abraham Lincoln was criticized for the Gettysburg Address at his rallies in defending his own ability to – for history to prove that he will surmount the criticism. Was he criticized?" [crosstalk]
BESCHLOSS: "Yes, he was criticized for to Gettysburg Address by newspapers that hated Lincoln and wanted to support his opponent the next year when he ran for reelection. Not too unusual, but there were huge numbers of newspapers who understood Lincoln and even at that moment knew that Gettysburg Address would be a great document in American history."
MITCHELL: "So it wasn't all fake news?"
BESCHLOSS: "It was not all fake news."
MITCHELL: "Michael Beschloss, thank you. Monumental."
BESCCHLOSS: "Thank you. Thank you for having me, Andrea."
MITCHELL: "Congratulations."

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