Gosnell: How evil prevails? People look the other way, and agencies fail

If anyone doubts that evil exists, see the film Gosnell, The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer.  The film was made (thanks to crowdfunding that took four years) by Phelim McAleer and Ann McIlhenny, Irish documentary filmmakers.  The Gosnell film is based on their book, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer.  The title is a bit of an exaggeration according to some, given the numbers of murders of which other serial killers have been convicted. Gosnell was convicted of three murders of babies born alive.  But as the story unfolds, it is clear that Gosnell is guilty of countless murders of infants born alive.  Opponents of the film claim that the filmmakers' title means to include the thousands of abortions Gosnell performed in his filthy, trash-filled clinic, where cats roamed, ate, and pooped anywhere and everywhere.  Perhaps they are counting aborted babies...(Read Full Post)
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