Gosnell: How evil prevails? People look the other way, and agencies fail

If anyone doubts that evil exists, see the film Gosnell, The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer.  The film was made (thanks to crowdfunding that took four years) by Phelim McAleer and Ann McIlhenny, Irish documentary filmmakers.  The Gosnell film is based on their book, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer.  The title is a bit of an exaggeration according to some, given the numbers of murders of which other serial killers have been convicted.

Gosnell was convicted of three murders of babies born alive.  But as the story unfolds, it is clear that Gosnell is guilty of countless murders of infants born alive.  Opponents of the film claim that the filmmakers' title means to include the thousands of abortions Gosnell performed in his filthy, trash-filled clinic, where cats roamed, ate, and pooped anywhere and everywhere.  Perhaps they are counting aborted babies among his victims, but the film is about cold-blooded murder, not abortion rights.  Gosnell very obviously killed any and all babies born alive by snipping the spinal cord at the base of their skulls with scissors.

In short, one does not need to include the thousands of his first-trimester abortions to call him a serial killer.  Those who try to make the film an anti-abortion tract are disingenuous.  It is about murder and the presence of evil among us. 

Not once in the film is Gosnell's clinic presented as "the rule," as Robin Marty claims on NBC News.  She believes that the film vilifies legal abortion!  She could not be more wrong.  Gosnell's clinic was so squalid, so overrun with cats, trash, turtles, and genuine filth, that none of the law enforcement personnel involved in the investigation had ever seen anything like it.  It was horrific in every conceivable way.  Gosnell is a seriously deranged man in my opinion, an outlier in any profession.

That the Pennsylvania Health Department had not inspected the clinic in seventeen years was the problem.  After 1993, the Penn. Dept. of Health stopped inspecting abortion clinics.  No one cared about the women who sought out Gosnell's services.  No one.  Still, Robin Marty sees the film as an all-out attack on legal abortion.  It is not.  The film is an indictment of the governmental agencies that allowed such a man to operate for so very long in such contaminated surroundings, putting countless women at risk.

Had a veterinarian been found to be as cruel and irresponsible to animals, he would likely have been inspected, charged, and convicted immediately upon the discovery of conditions half as grim as this evil man's place of business.  Gosnell, on the other hand, operated his horrific clinic for three decades with impunity until his crimes were uncovered in a drug case.  He was also guilty of paying homeless people for their IDs to illegally purchase prescription drugs.  He was never even charged for those crimes or for allowing untrained help to perform procedures and to administer anesthesia – which resulted in the death of at least one woman.  He overdosed women, spread STDs with unsterilized instruments, and "perforated wombs and bowels."

As Ed Morrissey reports, Gosnell saved his late or full-term abortions for Sundays, when only his wife would assist.  He destroyed all those files, so how many full-term babies he killed is unknown.  The film does not address this bit of information.  And there is worse.  Much worse.  Read Morrissey's column. 

The trial in May 2013 was at first ignored by the media, ignored entirely.  The Jodi Arias murder trial was ongoing at the same time.  The media found that trial much more sensational and they were not inclined to publicize a trial of an abortionist even if he was a butcher of women.  Our media were as corrupt then as they are now.  They would rather ignore a serial murderer and abuser of women if it taints, in any remote way, the right to abortion on demand.  That anyone could link safe and legal abortion to the gruesome crimes of Kermit Gosnell is demented.  The film is about the gross negligence of the state and local agencies whose job it was to prevent exactly the kind of barbaric operation Gosnell was running.  They failed because they revere abortion on demand above all else, so they allowed this deranged man to mutilate women for thirty years unmolested.  See the film.

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