Even Democrats are noticing how their Kavanaugh stunts are poisoning their blue wave

The left can be pretty amazing in its refusal to learn from history.  Witness socialism.  More specifically, there's its hopes for its own blue wave for a congressional takeover in the November midterms.  Its series of stunts around the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh – and the incredible one-sided bias of its media lackeys – is starting to suggest a conclusion for leftists similar to what the left dealt itself during the Clarence Thomas hearings at midterms: a loss of nine congressional seats.  These people don't learn. But some of them do notice problems going on.  The smarter ones in the lefty press are noticing falling Democrat fortunes in polls.  Meanwhile, Democratic politicians most likely to lose their Senate seats are suddenly warning to a pro-Kavanaugh vote.  Call it getting religion, or death concentrating the mind.  And of all things, the...(Read Full Post)