Don't forget what voters care most about going into the midterms!

From talking about dangerous packages to a shooting in Pittsburgh to Nate Silver's predictions to an 18-inning World Series game, the U.S. economy put up some good numbers again.  The U.S. economy is cruising high, as we see in this report:

The second quarter might have been the peak quarterly growth rate of this business cycle because it was when the biggest impact of the Trump tax cuts hit the economy. But growth remains at a solid clip.  The third quarter is the second-fastest pace in four years, after the previous quarter’s torrid pace.

And economists are forecasting close to a 3% growth rate for the fourth quarter.  The outlook for 2019 is less certain.

Yes, the outlook for 2019 will be clearer after the midterms.

What does this all mean to voters about to cast a ballot?  It means that most voters will feel good about the U.S. economy when they cast their vote early or on election day.

In other words, the answer to the "are you better off" question should be a loud yes.  That’s good news for the GOP.

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Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.