Don't fall for the cascade of media lies this election season

The media are in the business of selling political narratives.  It is incorrect to think the media are "reporting the facts."  Those days, if they ever existed, are gone.  As consumers of news, we must always be skeptical and always look for the motives behind the stories. Elections can turn on powerful narratives, so enormous effort is put into developing useful political storylines.  When Obama's good friend, leftist activist Robert Creamer, wanted to create a media narrative about violent Trump-supporters, for the 2016 election, he hired and trained people to instigate violence at rallies, film the violence, and thus help the media sell their desired narrative. James O'Keefe provided undercover video proving that this happened. If you have the media on your side, narratives are not that difficult to produce.  If, for example, real leftist violence is hurting your chances in an upcoming election, you could...(Read Full Post)
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