Did they really think Pelosi's ideological twin would win in Texas?

The latest polls are showing two obvious things:

First, Governor Greg Abbott is on his way to a huge re-election.  It may come close to then-governor Bush, who won big in 1998.

Second, Senator Ted Cruz is starting to consolidate his majority.  He is currently up 9 and will probably exceed that on election day.

In both cases, the Democrats are their own worst enemies.

Why would you nominate a weak candidate like Lupe Valdez to challenge the super-popular Governor Abbott?  Or the same question for Beto O'Rourke?

In February of 2018, Representative O'Rourke joined Minority Leader Pelosi in supporting abortion after 20 weeks.  This is how Mr. O'Rourke defended that vote:

Today the House passed H.R. 36.  The bill would impose a nationwide ban on abortion at 20 weeks even in the event that a pregnancy could pose serious harm to a woman's health.  I voted against this bill because I believe it would endanger the lives and health of women in Texas  – a state that already struggles to provide access to reproductive health care for women and has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world.  The legislation is also a clear attempt to erode the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade, which established a woman's constitutional protection to a safe and legal abortion.  More Americans than ever before, 69%, now oppose overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Really, Beto?  I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that poll.  I know that you wouldn't get that result from any abortion poll in South Texas.  Besides, we are talking about abortion after 20 weeks.

On other issues, the more we get to know O'Rourke, the more we see liberal stripes.  He is to the left of Texas on gun control, the "impeachment" of President Trump, his views on NFL players kneeling, and his blind support of the party's left-wing agenda.

Yes, he's got great TV commercials that say nothing about his record.  However, I think we are finally learning about Beto, and it ain't working.

To be sure, the election is not over.  However, I feel more and more comfortable with Senator Cruz's re-election.

On the day after the election, I believe that many Democrats will be whispering something like "why did we spend all of that money in Texas?" rather than Nevada or Arizona or even Florida?

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