Dems fail to grasp the irony of their attacks on Kavanaugh's credibility

The Democrats have attacked Kavanaugh from day one, and now, of course, they go after his credibility, as if they had any themselves.  Hence this AP article, titled "Democrats' new tack: Go hard after Kavanaugh's credibility."

The term "credibility" is thrown around a lot these days as we are told that Christine Ford is credible even though there is no actual evidence and there are no witnesses who say the assault occurred.

For at least a few decades, most of the media along with other Democrats have shown they have little or no concern about credibility by whom they have supported and continue to support, no matter what they have said or done.  Here is a small sample:

Bill and Hillary went on 60 Minutes in 1992 and falsely called Gennifer Flowers a liar.

Over the last several decades, Hillary lied and was involved in violations of the law with cattle futures, Whitewater, missing FBI files, missing Rose Law firm records, the firings at the White House travel office, using a non-secure server, deleting massive numbers of emails, obstruction of justice, huge amounts of money coming to the Clinton Foundation from foreign and domestic sources for access, selling U.S. uranium to Russia, Benghazi, and paying millions to create a fictitious dossier to destroy Trump.

Bill was credibly accused of abusing Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey, including attempted rape.

Bill committed perjury (a felony) about Monica and caused Monica to commit perjury, and his supporters didn't care about his credibility or his obvious abuse of a young female subordinate.

Hillary, George Stephanopoulos, and others set up a war room to destroy the lives of women who dared tell the truth about Bill's proclivities.  Anyone who threatened their quest for power or money was a target.  It is especially appalling to watch Stephanopoulos go after anyone with this history.

The media, Democrats, and Hollywood knew that Hillary and Bill physically and mentally abused a number of women for decades, yet not once did they care about those women, and they supported putting them back in the White House in 2016.  Therefore, all of these groups were complicit in enabling the Clintons.

How many young women have been abused over the last several decades by powerful men like Bill Clinton, Weinstein, Rose, Lauer, Cosby, and others because women wouldn't come forward because they were afraid their lives would be destroyed?  What did Bill Clinton do with young girls on all his trips with pedophile Epstein on the Lolita Express to Orgy Island?  The media certainly didn't care.

When Dick Durbin first ran, he said to the voters in Illinois that he would overturn Roe v. Wade.  Over the years, he has trashed our troops in GITMO, been involved in the house banking scandal, and lied about being tough on illegal immigration.  The media don't give a damn about Durbin's lack of credibility as the self-righteous Durbin trashed Kavanaugh.

As a congressman, Durbin voted consistently to uphold existing restrictions on abortion or impose new limitations, including supporting a Constitutional amendment that would have nullified Roe v. Wade.

Senator Blumenthal continually lied about his service in Vietnam, and he has the gall to lecture Kavanaugh about honesty.

Obama and others knowingly lied about Obamacare to get it passed.

The Obama administration continually fed the media false info about Iran, and the media just printed the stories with no questions asked.

Obama, Hillary, Rice, and others spread a false narrative about Benghazi to protect their political power.

Obama lied about his knowledge of Fast and Furious, the IRS, and Hillary's emails.

Holder, Rice, ClapperBrennan, and others in the Obama administration lied to the media, and now they are in high demand to trash Trump.

Obama, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Durbin, and Schumer have said similar tough things to Trump on illegal immigration, and not only weren't they called racists and xenophobes by Hollywood and the media, but they were supported, and now the media support them as they reverse course and trash Trump. 

The Democrats are suing Trump because, heaven forbid, foreigners stay in his hotels.  They did not care at all about all the foreign money given to the Clintons.

Cory Booker admits he physically assaulted a girl when he was young, and he trashes Kavanaugh for an unverified event.  The media and Democrats gladly support Booker as senator and as he contemplates his run for president.

Elizabeth Warren lied about her Native American heritage and enriched herself as she denigrates capitalism.

Congress had a slush fund where congressmen paid off many accusers, yet the media and the #MeToo movement seem to have little interest in those who were accused or who was paid off.  They must be afraid of what they would find.

Comey said that no U.S. attorney would ever charge Hillary for continually violating the law because he couldn't tell that it was intentional.  Does that even sound credible, or does it sound as though a biased FBI never had the intent to charge Hillary, Obama, or anyone else, no matter what they did?

Since most of the media and other Democrats never cared about Hillary and others continually violating the law and getting let off, they have exactly zero credibility when they talk about law enforcement, the rule of law, and equal treatment under the law.

Dianne Feinstein and others never cared about Christine Ford enough to ask the FBI to investigate during the hearing process or to ask Kavanaugh questions.  They used Ford and her letter as a last resort to delay when everything else had failed.

Christine Ford said she had no idea who was paying her leftist attorneys, but there was some fundraising.  Then the attorneys said they were doing it for free, so why are there fundraisers?  Is that even remotely credible?

The #MeToo movement members act as if they had credibility, but they gladly support leftists who mentally and physically abuse women.

The media themselves gladly print anonymous and unverified stories on many subjects as if they were true.

Flake is obviously lobbying for a job at the networks after his constituents were going to fire him.  He knows he will be loved and adored, as he acts like a Democrat. 

In summary, most of the media, Democrats, Hollywood, and the #MeToo movement will seek to destroy anyone who gets in their path to power.  They have shown that the Democrat leftist agenda is more important than any woman or the truth.  They also will support tough talk on illegal immigration as long as it comes from Democrats.

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