Democrats Using Every Evil Play in the Book to Silence Americans

The fake news media and Democratic Party dirty tricks just keep on coming. A crazy man sent package bombs to prominent Democrats.  Fake news media and the demonic Democratic Party viewed the mentally ill man's actions as a gift from the gods of liberalism.  They immediately flooded the airwaves with their absurd narrative that Trump was responsible for the package bomber's behavior because he told the truth about CNN and their fellow fake news liars.  Fake news media and Democrats outrageously said Americans who cheer and applaud Trump at his rallies are also responsible for the package bombs.  Democrats and fake news media demand, "Trump must tone down his rhetoric!" Folks, Democrats and fake news pull this insidious trick over and over again.  After every tragic shooting, leftists never blame the actual shooter.  Democrats rush to microphones to blame every law-abiding gun-owner in America for the...(Read Full Post)
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