Boy, nine, ruins Supreme Court prospects

Admit it.  You knew that this was bound to happen.

Teresa Sue Klein of Flatbush, Brooklyn was in a convenience store when a mother and her two children went in and went past her.  Klein then got highly upset, claiming that the nine-year-old boy had sexually assaulted her by grabbing her posterior.  She immediately made a scene and called 911 for the police, demanding that the little boy be arrested for sexually assaulting her.  They all went outside the store, where bystanders got verbally involved, with Klein defiant.  Multiple cell phone videos show the little boy and his younger sister wailing at the top of their lungs, obviously scared.  The store videos show that the boy went past Klein with both hands in plain view, but his oversized backpack may have brushed against her.  Fortunately, no arrests were made.

Borrowing a page from the Kavanaugh hearing, shouldn't the FBI be involved, maybe do a background check on him?  Maybe he got drunk in kindergarten on too much root beer and tickled or even kissed a girl.  (I have it on good authority that his class picture shows him wearing a cap backwards, and he's brandishing a toy gun.)  The FBI should definitely do a background check.  Or two.  Or three.  Or seven.

On a related note, a six-year-old boy was suspended from kindergarten for sexual harassment – namely, he kissed a girl, a classmate.  Kindergarten kids kissing each other occasionally happens, mostly due to imitating parents (incidentally, when a kindergarten girl kisses a boy, no one gets suspended).  A lot depends on whether there is a feminist around.

The reader may also remember that, a few years ago, when feminists promoted the idea of taking one's daughter to work, they had a fit because parents also decided to take their boys to work.

There are feminists who hate all men, deeply hate them.  (If you have not seen the movie The Red Pill, you should do so.)  Some even wish there were a concentration camp set up where all the men could be placed – not so shocking when one considers that many feminists originate from a Marxist background.  There are feminists who also hate little boys, seeing them as future rapists.  It would be really interesting to analyze any male who grew up with a feminist mother.

Camille Paglia famously and succinctly put it this way: "They're insane, literally insane!"  I have personally encountered several of these radical feminists and can vouch that they are indeed insane.  All one has to do is listen to them or read their literary output, chock-full of paranoia and delusions.

And, scary thought, they are all over.