Blasey Ford's double door doubletalk

My online friend Tom Lipscomb has provided important new information on the second door added to Christine Blasey Ford's house, which she told the Senate Judiciary Committee was the cause of a couple's dispute that led to therapy, during which she allegedly "recovered" her "memory" of teenager Brett Kavanaugh's alleged assault.  Tom supplements J.R. Dunn's coverage of that door with intriguing information that might lead to revelations about the therapist, whose notes and identity have been kept secret from the committee, if not the Washington Post reporter, who states that she saw the notes.

Tom writes at Real Clear Politics:

[A] glance at the real estate databases about Ford's house are instructive.

The Fords bought the house on June 20, 2007.  And the "very extensive, very long remodel," including the second front door, were completed under a building permit granted in 2008. 

So a natural question is why, four years after the remodeling, which also added two rooms and a bathroom, is the installation of that second door still such a bone of contention between the couple that it was an issue in the counseling they were undergoing in May 2012? ...

[T]he additional remodeling in effect added a self-contained unit to the house, with its own entrance, perfect for "hosting" or even possibly renting, in violation of the local zoning.  Perhaps a professional office might be a perfect use, if an illegal one.  And in the tight Palo Alto real estate market, there are a lot of games played for some serious income.

And that may answer another strange anomaly.  Because since 1993, and  through some listings even today, there was another tenant at what is now the Ford property.  It is listed as this person's residence from 1993 to July 2007, a week or so after she sold the house to the Fords.

Her name is Dr. Sylvia Randall, and she listed this address for her California licensed practice of psychotherapy, including couples psychotherapy, until her move to Oregon in 2007.  

Currently she only practices in that state, where she also pursues her new career as a talented artist as well.

But many existing directories still have Dr. Randall's address listed at what is now the Ford residence.

Which raises other questions.  Why has Christine Ford never said a word about Dr. Randall?  And why has she been evasive about the transcripts of her crucial 2012 therapy session, which she can't seem to recall much about either?  Did she provide them to the Washington Post, or did she just provide the therapist's summary?  Who was the psychologist?

In a phone call, I asked Dr. Randall if she had sold her house to the Fords.  She asked back how I had found out.  I asked if she was the couples therapist who treated the Fords.  She would not answer yes or no, replying, "I am a couples therapist."

The therapist's notes might reveal a lot, but are protected by medical confidentiality.  However, did Blasey Ford vitiate that protection if she handed the notes to the WaPo reporter?  I am no expert, but that might explain why she was so evasive on that point under questioning by Rachel Mitchell.

Needless to say, Read the Whole Thing.

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