Alyssa Milano and the royal 'we'

CNN posted an article by Alyssa Milano entitled "We can't let Trump and Kavanaugh be America's face."

Milano was an actress on a TV show back in the 1980s.  In a now tired pattern set by almost every young woman labeled as a "star" in adolescence, Milano became a soft porn actress in a bid to show everybody how grown up she was.  Wanting to shed her image as a "nice girl," she shed her clothes in movies such as Embrace the VampireDeadly Sins, and Poison Ivy II: Lilly.  I would bet you cream in your coffee that carefully chosen scenes showing a body of Milano's cinematic efforts are readily available on most porn sites and that sometimes underage boys manage somehow to take a peek.  This makes her once and eternally complicit in contributing to the delinquency of a lot of minors.  Today, she appears in a Netflix series entitled Insatiable, which I've never seen and don't plan to see, and I advise you to do the same.  Netflix series are all alike: there's this 'n' that, a little hay, for teenage boys some T&A.

Born in 1972, Milano was in her early twenties when she embarked upon her soft-porn career.  One might forgive her the indiscretions of youth, but that is not where the liberal portion of our country lives today.  Once an exploiter of the flesh, always an exploiter of the flesh – just ask any Republican nominated to the Supreme Court.  In Milano's case, there are millions of credible eyewitnesses.

I suppose time has caught up with Milano's once fresh and perky credentials as an actress.  Let's see: carry the two, yep, she's 46 or thereabout today.  In terms of sexual exploitation films aimed at adolescent boys, 46 equates to a murderous case of box office poison ivy.

In another tired pattern established by soon-to-be washed out celebrities, Milano has become a spokesperson for all things Democratic Party.  Jim Carrey comes to mind; his films and paintings share a sort of more nuts than bolts quality.  Some people like that distinct lack of class and reliability thing, but I hope not many.  I'm certain that in the past, Carrey's daily intake of intoxicants could run uneven circles around Kavanaugh's lifetime consumption.

Back to fading actresses, as the exterior deteriorates, the homeowner often buys lots of discounted furniture and wall coverings so she can imagine herself living a life of internal splendor.  So with Milano's mind: Having shed her nice girl image and now wanting to shed her naughty girl image, she has decided to adopt a smart girl image.  Unlike her post-adolescent phase, the smart girl routine requires more tools in the woodshed than she collected while lounging about naked between takes of Deadly Sins.  You can read her article, but you will find less than nothing there.  In fact, it may have a vacuum-like effect upon your brain.  The tone runs to "Children are exploited because Trump and Kavanaugh have given a green light to such behavior, blech, blech, blech."  A familiar script if ever there was one.

I don't really care, except for that royal "we."  Taking no notice of reality is one defining characteristic of modern liberalism.  Sorry, Alyssa, but Trump is the face of America today, and you can't do a thing about it.  "We" the people elected him.   Boys are boys, bodies give out as time marches on, and if you were eating rice cakes in the cafeteria when the creator was passing out hippocampus in the library, "smart" is a role you can never pull off.

But you will always be the girl who exploited her sexuality for fame and money, dear, and we will always have Embrace the Vampire.  Here's looking at you, kid.