A healing process for liberals

Clinical projection occurs when internal desires, impetuses, fears, and beliefs are not accepted by the self and therefore ascribed to others.  It generally occurs immediately after any liberal finishes a hearty breakfast provided by an American farmer who probably clings to his guns and religion. 

See how fast that happened? 

Hunger sated, Lynn Stuart Parramore at NBC News decided that veiled threats are tactically superior to reasoned political persuasion.  In "After the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, should American men be afraid?," she casually mentions that "[t]he unease of guys is understandable – especially white guys."

I, for one, am certainly anxious when nutjobs like Parramore assure me that fear should be race-exclusive and explicable.  It should be fathomable to whom, the fearer or the fearee?  She reads like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in Batman: hey, white guy, did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Parramore explains that "[t]hose who have the most to be afraid of are the ones determined to keep all the privileges for themselves."

Bingo!  Projection!  That explains every over-the-top reaction to DJT, the Brett Kavanaugh character assassination, and the sneer mortared upon Brian Stelter's face in futile effort to conceal the smoldering animosity and childish insolence behind his words.

Let's look at some titles with liberal bylines this morning and see just who is afraid.  Here is one: "Trumpism is winning, and that's terrifying" by Michael D'Antonio at CNN.  D'Antonio is snow-white right down to his white beard; he should be especially terrified, because he is an especially white white guy. 

Over at the Guardian, Ian Samuel, an archetypical white guy with a law degree printed upon white sheepskin who probably reads white papers and for whom Mother Nature, upon second glance, decided to make up for the absence of white cranium lebensraum by providing an abundance of white jaw to support his white teeth, is busy mustering an army of terrified white liberal men like himself: "Kavanaugh will be on the US supreme court for life. Here's how we fight back."

Samuel believes that sixteen-year-olds should be able to vote.  Even white ones, I suppose.  This would be called packing the electorate.  We've got enough hormone-driven overage adolescent liberals voting already.  Having read him, I'm not even sure this Samuel white guy should be able to vote.  Here is his defense for a plan to pack the Supreme Court now that conservatives seem to have a 5-to-4 edge: "And so although court-packing is deservedly controversial, its skeptics on the left must nonetheless answer a question to which they have yet to supply a convincing answer: Do you have a better idea?"

I have a better idea: liberals should stop projecting their own hate and fear upon white guys, privileged white guys, conservative white guys, religious white guys, working white guys, and random white guys.  Liberals should deal honestly with their own bountiful internal animosities and leave the rest of us out of it. 

Hate heaped upon anybody leads to war and murder and death.  That is the absolute long and short of it. 

To deny this is to admit to mental health issues.  To openly hate any man, white, brown, or black, is to take a step not into the unknown, but into a brutal and ugly well known.  Liberals should step back from that precipice before its gravity gets the best of them.  They owe this to all of us.

On November 6, let's vote to ensure that liberals have plenty of recuperative time to diagnose themselves and slowly begin the healing process.  In this way, they may one day become the better people we know they can be.  

At this moment, liberals simply cannot afford to hold any political offices; they need years to examine and correct the terrible behaviors and Freudian dysfunctions that are today a plague upon a once reasonable political philosophy.  Let us not burden them with any official or government business as they begin their long journey back to mental health and stability.

It is the best medicine we can provide.  I think we owe it to them.

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