2001 video shows Obama admitting being a 'thug,' fighting, drinking, drugging in high school

The standards being applied to Judge Brett Kavanaugh's fitness for high office would have killed the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, among other recent Democrats (Clinton and Kennedy, for starters).  Bill Clinton has adopted a low public profile and deployed Hillary's "Bimbo Eruptions" squad to silence and discredit the female "survivors" of his sexual aggression.  But Barack Obama went on the record in 2001, and nobody cared about behavior in high school they now feign outrage over in the case of Judge Kavanaugh.

Kudos to Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire for uncovering a video from 17 years ago in which Barack Obama discusses his own behavior in high school.  Evaluating it in light of the claims used to pretend Brett Kavanaugh was too degenerate in high school and college to merit membership on the Supreme Court reveals the utter hypocrisy of Kavanaugh's opponents.

While it is true that the unsupported claims of rape attributed to Kavanaugh have no counterpart in Obama's admissions, the "evidence" against Kavanaugh's character including drinking and "ralphing" is pale compared to what Obama admits to.

-"I was a thug," a "mischievous child"
-"I got into fights."
-"I drank and did – and consumed substances that weren't always legal."
-"I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class" 

In point of fact, most people not crazed by desire to maintain the Supreme Court as a means of imposing progressive social policy that is too unpopular to pass Congress understand that childhood foibles should not be held against anyone.

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