Why should President Trump listen to Jimmy Carter?

I find it humorous and sad that some reporter at Huffington Post would think that President Trump, or anyone, should care what Jimmy Carter thinks of Trump’s economic and other policies but somehow, that news organ thought otherwise as they sought to trash Trump on on their pages: Former President Jimmy Carter clearly has no love or respect for the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration. In fact, Carter said he would change “all of” them if he had his time in the White House again, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If I were foolish enough to feel I could be president again, I think the first thing I would do would be to change all of the policies that President Trump has initiated,” Carter told students at an Emory University event in Atlanta on Wednesday. Haven't these journalists ever researched what kind of president Jimmy Carter was? This article implies that Carter would have insight as to...(Read Full Post)
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