Why California's Republican John Cox looks increasingly likely to win the governorship

The trend is unmistakable. In the California governor's race, Republican John Cox, against all expectations, is closing in on the lead held by Democrat Gavin Newsom, according to polls. An astute city-hall-type reporter at the Los Angeles Times, in a column titled, 'Do Gavin Newsom and John Cox want the same job?', put her finger on it: Democrat Gavin Newsom casts himself as the leader of the state’s resistance to President Trump, pushing big-ticket issues such as healthcare, education and climate change. Republican John Cox has focused on pocketbook issues that are narrow in scope but emotionally charged — repealing California’s increased gas tax, and problems at the Department of Motor Vehicles. And that's supported by a look at the candidates' website. Take a look at a few of screenshots from the two candidates' campaigns: So here we have Gavin Newsom bloviating about being the...(Read Full Post)
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