While you were distracted: Was Rahm Emanuel trying to sabotage a U.S. strike against Venezuela?

The puzzle pieces are starting to fill in a bit after Chicago Mayor and former Obama administration White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel made the weird charge the other day that President Trump was cooking up an invasion against Venezuela. Emanuel claimed the whole thing was an October Surprise, something he might know about given that he served as a strategic advisor to President Bill Clinton in his first stint in the White House. You know, back in those 'wag the dog' days when Hillary Clinton dodged a lot of gunfire. Emanuel's out-of-the-blue warning was an obvious attempt to unite the rabid far left that still supports the socialist regime there with the run-of-the-mill Trump haters ahead of midterms. But now we have new information that suggests maybe it was something more. According to Reuters: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is preparing a “series of actions” in the coming days to increase pressure on the Venezuelan government, U.S....(Read Full Post)
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