When the puppets won't cooperate: CNN surprised by women's reaction to Kavanaugh case

It's always tough when the puppets don't behave.

So it seemed when CNN interviewed five women and found that all five supported the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The female interviewer, who was with Anderson Cooper's AC360° team, found that much to her surprise, the Republican women just didn't keep to the script and ended up arguing with them.

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra posted on Twitter with merriment the frustrating exchange:



Now, the interview wasn't a perfect screenshot of Republican thinking.  Most of the women seemed to assume that Kavanaugh had attacked his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, back when he was 17, as she alleges, but such gropings were common among teenagers; the statute of limitations had long run out; children behave differently from adults; and the incident weighed lightly against the heft of Kavanaugh's long, honorable judicial record.  None of them went all in for what a lot of us are thinking: that the reported drunken roust may have involved drunkenness on both sides and a case of mistaken identity, which weighs up a little heavier in light of Ford's known left-wing and pro-abortion activism.  Polls show an "eh" reaction to the Kavanaugh allegations.

To see CNN frustrated that its script was not going according to plan is entertaining stuff, indeed.  You can just see those thought bubbles asking how that bunch got past the producers.



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