What Brett Kavanaugh means to this country

Brett Kavanaugh not being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court boils down to the most qualified judge being rejected.  It would indicate the hijacking of the selection process, where truth, decency, and due process were absent throughout.  And Democrat senators either ignorant of the Constitution or just filled with unquenchable hatred have gleefully embarrassed themselves and the rest of country in front of the entire world.

There is a considerable disadvantage on the side of conservatives when it comes to defending and protecting the Constitution against leftist Democrats.  It's like a pilot trying to keep the plane in the air while the co-pilot is hell-bent on crashing it into the sea.  When one doesn't care about the place one lives, starting a fire in the living room to keep warm for one night is perfectly fine.

To the left, Kavanaugh is a small chess piece in a game where the destruction of the game itself is the goal.  The rules will continue to change until the game no longer resembles a chess match.

If Kavanaugh is denied his rightful place on the court, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees "equal protection under the law," will no longer matter, as the "court of public opinion" owned by the left through the powerful and relentless leftist propaganda machine known as the media will dictate one's innocence or guilt.  Over fifty percent of Americans will immediately experience the permanent inability to participate in future selections of a Supreme Court nominee.   

In the final analysis, to every married, engaged, or dating woman in this country, Kavanaugh represents what can happen to your man no matter what his occupation or what he did or didn't do.  The bell that tolls for Kavanaugh tolls for every conservative man.

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