West Virginia will tell us a lot about the waves

We're getting an early indication of midterm trends based on how West Virginia is voting.

At the moment, Senator Joe Manchin leads, but recent visits from President Trump are apparently closing the gap, as we see in this report:

A new poll shows President Trump's recent trip to West Virginia is giving Republican Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey a boost heading into November.

The data, released by Harper Polling and 35th PAC Thursday, puts Morrisey down just six points to Democrat Joe Manchin.

Although the incumbent Democrat leads 47 to 41 in the survey, 12% remain undecided.

The poll is good news for Morrisey, who saw himself down 10 points in a poll last month.

Additionally, the survey shows the president has a 63% job approval rating, including 94% from Republicans.

This comes after the president visited West Virginia earlier this month.

President Trump also called out Manchin during the rally, saying Morrisey will support his agenda while Manchin will vote with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

There are three possible outcomes in "almost heaven" West Virgina:

1. Senator Manchin is re-elected easily.  It could be an early sign that the GOP vote did not show up, given the state's recent presidential results.

2. It's too close to call, and the networks let it sit for hours.  That's a bad sign for other red-state Democrats.

3. Morrisey wins early.  That would be a sign that Democrat incumbents in Indiana and Missouri are in deep trouble.

At some point, the Trump White House will have to make a call about West Virginia.  Do we spend our time in West Virginia or against more vulnerable Democrats in Missouri, Indiana, and North Dakota?

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