WaPo still clownishly horrified at Trump's Jerusalem embassy move

The Washington Post editorial "No relief" (9/6/18) states that an "angry Palestinian leadership turned its back on the United States" after the United States moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.  But how can the Palestinian leadership turn its back on America when its back has already been turned on us?  In order for there to be a "turn," it can't already be there.

The Washington Post now blames the current administration for cutting funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), saying the cutoff "risks worsening an already terrible humanitarian situation in Gaza, with unpredictable consequences."  The U.S. was never obligated to fund UNRWA.  America did so voluntarily, for seven decades, because of the hope that the economic aid would encourage Palestinians to build a peaceful society instead of attacking Israelis.  The plan only helped turn the U.N. agency into a force of Palestinian radicalization.

How about mentioning that much of the overall money (free ride) that the Gazans get is utilized by their democratically elected totalitarian regime (Hamas) to dig terror tunnels and make rockets and mortars to terrorize and murder and maim Israelis?  Further, why not mention that the "education" dished out by the U.N. is in and of itself an obstacle to peace, as the U.N. teaches that Israel isn't Israel, but "occupied Palestine" and that Palestinians should not lose hope, but continue to demand that they and their descendants have a right to flood Israel legally, enough so that Israel is destroyed through demographics?

What would a Washington Post editorial be without the libel that the creation of Israel created the Palestinian displacement?  Here is proof that that wasn't the case at all: right after the U.N. resolution of November of 1947, which divided Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state, the Jewish Palestinians accepted the plan, but the Arab Palestinians launched a war to conquer all the land for themselves.  This shows that the Arabs resorted to war as long as six months before Israel even declared independence.  Then, after Israel declared independence in May of 1948, the neighboring Arab countries joined the Palestinian Arabs in the war against the nascent Jewish state.  Had the Arabs won the war, the Palestinians wouldn't have been displaced.  But they lost, and the displacement occurred.  So it was the war that caused the displacement, not the act of Israel's creation, and the war started before Israel was created.  In addition, there were people displaced on both sides, with the Jews absorbed by Israel and the Palestinians left to live in squalor as political pawns.  Blaming the victim as the instigator matters, reversing causation and complicity – a pure fabrication of history.

The Post includes Israel along with the Palestinians and Arab states for failing to "reach an agreement to settle the refugee question."  What bunk!  Is the Post not aware of the three nos of Khartoum by the Arab countries in 1967: "no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiation with Israel"?  The Arab nations have never wanted to settle the refugee issue.  It serves as the perfect distraction to its citizens who are kept living in squalor but united over this cause.  Israel cannot solve the problem – only the Arabs can.  But they clearly don't want to.  It doesn't serve their motives.

The Post can't help but bring up how the current administration claims that the U.S. is unfairly burdened by paying over one third of the UNRWA budget.  Never mind that the Palestinians have been stomping on our flags and burning our presidents in effigy for decades.  Shouldn't they consider themselves lucky that they get anything with that response?  Now they won't.

Then we get to read in the editorial about how the "shortfall could have acute humanitarian effects."  Why not give the Palestinians some responsibility for their lot?  Why do they keep attacking Israel?  They elected a terrorist organization to run their country!  And the Post exclaims that part of the blame should go to Israel and the United States?  The Washington Post is judge and jury?  Its reporters write articles, not briefs!  And not very good ones at that.

The Post ends its editorial by claiming that ending support of UNRWA "will serve only to further diminish US influence in the Middle East – if it does not precipitate a disaster."  The Post always has a doomsday approach of anything the United States or Israel does vis-à-vis the Palestinians.  And they have been wrong every time.  With all the articles in the Post on how an Israeli or American action is one more nail in the coffin of the peace process, there is not a millimeter of wood left showing!

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