US charges Venezuela's socialist elites with stealing even the food

For socialists, socialism isn't about equality.  It's about getting rich. As Venezuelans grow hungry from the economic mismanagement of socialist policies, whether through the devaluation of their currency or the price and currency controls that have triggered shortages, losing an average of 19 pounds in the ordeal, sure enough, Venezuela's socialists have found a new way to get rich.  According to the BBC: The US has accused Venezuela's government of stealing from a state-run food programme while its own people go hungry. Marshall Billingslea, a US treasury official, said Venezuelan government officials were over-charging for food. He said corruption by President Nicolás Maduro and his inner circle had "impoverished millions" of Venezuelans. The Venezuelan government blames US sanctions for the food shortages the country is experiencing. Mr Billingslea, who is the Assistant Secretary for Terrorist...(Read Full Post)
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