Three frauds ginned up by Democrats at the Kavanaugh hearing

The left is out of ideas.  Leftists have absolutely no grounds for opposing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  Yet they do, and with a passion.  Attempting to politicize the nomination as a right-left matter hasn't worked.  So now they're stooping to dirty, filthy tricks.

They cooked up an amazing string of them in their Kavanaugh hearing antics, held in the Senate yesterday.  The bottom line in all of them was that they are frauds.

Exhibit A: The scream-fest in the chambers from leftist crazies that most of us heard about.

According to this editorial report in today's Investor's Business Daily:

In the first 40 minutes of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination hearing, Democrats interrupted the Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings 44 times.  That's to say nothing of the protesters who alternately shrieked and cheered.

It was all well planned.

"Democrats plotted coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend and all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing, sources tell me," NBC News' Kasie Hunt tweeted Tuesday morning.

Cripes, they're so comfortable with this fraudy garbage that they can't even keep it a secret.

Then there is this stunt their trolls in the social media community seemingly spontaneously pulled on a young court clerk named Zina Bash, who was seated directly behind Judge Kavanaugh.  Exhibit B, according to

At one point during the hearing, Bash's fingers appeared to be positioned in the "OK" sign.  Some white supremacists, members of the alt-right and the so-called alt-lite, along with other Trump supporters, have adopted the "OK" symbol as a way to troll people on the left.  It began on 4chan as a "troll effort," but has become more popular, with many people making the symbol in an effort to "own the libs," according to the Anti-Defamation League.  As a result, many have started to believe some usage of the symbol is a signifier of white supremacy or racism.  And that led prominent members of the "Resistance" and others on the left to accuse her of using a "white power" symbol.

Actually, it was just her hand resting on her arm that drew so much entrails-reading from the rabid left in its bid to Get Kavanaugh.  Bash, whose family is Mexican and full of Holocaust-survivors, most certainly wasn't making some "white supremacist" hand signal and didn't even know about this secret handshake of a chimerical fringe group, which leftists, by contrast, seem to be intimately familiar with.  Her dad defended her on Twitter and called it nonsense.

But the fraud was out there, even if exposed.

Exhibit C, the third fraud, is the grossest.  It's pure swamp slime, and redolent of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe's sneaky bid to entrap Reince Priebus into some bad press, definitely the sort of game the swamp things just do naturally.  According to Conservative Treehouse:

During the senate confirmation hearing today the full antics of the Democrat political apparatus were on display.  One of their choreographed and manufactured moments happened when a man named Fred Guttenberg was staged to shake the hand of Judge Kavanaugh during one of the recess breaks.  SEE VIDEO:

Fred Guttenberg is one of the parents from the February Parkland High School shooting, a Democrat and a gun control proponent.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh, like most of America, had no idea who the guy was who was trying to grab him.  It was an entirely staged event put on by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat party, and coordinated with prior notification to media to anticipate the moment.

Here's how it was scripted.

Be sure to read the whole thing here.

So what they did was stage a handshake with a Parkland survivor father and anti-gun activist, a guy who is not as well known as, say, David Hogg or Emma Gonzalez were, have him pro-offer a handshake like dozens of people in the room were doing, and the cautious and bewildered Kavanaugh just passed him by.  Then the plan was to yell that Kavanaugh refused to shake the guy's hand because he was a hateful, mean guy, so cruel and heartless to gun violence-survivors.  It was utter bee ess.  Had Kavanaugh shaken the hands of everyone throwing one at him walking in, the Democrats would have put a neo-Nazi in the bunch and then yelled that Kavanaugh shakes hands with white supremacists.  There was no way Kavanaugh could win on this.

What's even creepier is that Fred Guttenberg, the Parkland survivor father, admitted on Twitter that he was pretty much planning the stunt.  With a little help from Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who got him in the room, he obviously had a big fish for the media to wolf down in the press on the handshake matter.  Yet it was an utter, utter fraud, and like the screamers of Exhibit A, he couldn't keep it a secret.

What does this string of frauds collectively show?  That the Democrats are out of ideas, they have no basis for objecting to Kavanaugh on factual grounds, so their next tack is to make some up.  It's as if they've become a party of Ben Rhodeses, millions of them, all cooking up fake narratives to hide the ugly reality and the missing facts.  This is the Democrats now, and they're starting to stink of fake news, the frauds that drip from their crazed phony narratives.

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