The uncomfortable truth: Haj pilgrims to Mecca and the spread of illnesses

Simply raising this topic is almost certain to be denounced as “Islamophobia,” but disease vectors don’t care about theology.  In the past week, there were two health scares at major US airports with passengers quarantined on airliners that landed from overseas with very sick passengers on board. On Wednesday, an Emirates Airline 380 super jumbo jet from Dubai was quarantined at JFK Airport, with 100 passengers initially reported as ill. Eventually, nineteen passengers were confirmed as ill, and ten passengers were hospitalized with respiratory illnesses. The following day, two American Airlines flights from Europe were quarantined upon landing at Philadelphia, and eventually 12 passengers were identified as ill and quarantined, while the rest of the passengers were allowed to proceed on their way. What could possibly explain these incidents appearing right now? Reuters bravely issued an article explaining, “Two health scares at US airports tied to...(Read Full Post)
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