The real Christine Blasey Ford

"Now I feel like my civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish and terror about retaliation," Christine Blasey Ford told the Washington Post.

"Retaliation"!  Au contraire, this will make your career.  Like Anita Hill, you'll dine out on this the rest of your life.  A book or two, a professorship at an Ivy, and the lecture circuit.  Maybe some "journalist" can tell us whether she has proactively retained a booking agency?  I can already hear her keynoting the Democrat convention in 2020.

"I thought he might inadvertently kill me."  That is just a tad overwrought.  Why not add that he wore a white sheet, was a member of the NRA, and brandished an assault weapon?

Notice that she is described as a "registered Democrat," not "rabid Democrat" or "highly partisan Democrat" or "activist Democrat" or anything of the sort.  The WSJ, 17 September, p. A4, says she signed a "Physicians for Human Rights letter to the Trump administration in June denouncing the administration's immigration policy that caused family separations at the U.S. border."  Wikipedia says she has a Ph.D. in educational psychology, yet she's a physician.

Wikipedia goes on: 

Ford "specializes in designing statistical models for research projects in order to make sure they come to accurate conclusions," as summarized by Helena Chmura Kraemer, a Stanford professor emeritus in biostatistics who co-authored a book and several articles with Ford[.] ... Her journal articles include ... "Acupuncture: A Promising Treatment for Depression During Pregnancy."

Acupuncture a promising treatment?  Sure, it is – want some of these sugar pills?  It's good to know she came "to accurate conclusions."

Arizona's own lame-duck senator, Jeff Flake, will not vote Judge Kavanaugh out of committee till they hear from Ms. Victim.  Maybe Sen. Flake can also ask the FBI to look into the polygamy practiced by his deceased forbears just so everyone can feel self-righteous.  After all, there seems to be no statute of limitations now. 

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