The other reason why the #MeToo mob is out to Get Kavanaugh

The far left really, really, really doesn't want Brett Kavanaugh seated on the Supreme Court.  Presumably, that's over his supposed stance on abortion.  And the disgraceful delaying tactics from the Democrats are obviously a "hold-ma-beer" bid to put off a vote until after the midterms, by which time they expect they will be running the Senate.

But there's something else going on as these increasingly fantastical charges come out of the woodwork, long after the harsh Senate confirmation hearings were completed, leaving it fairly obvious that Kavanaugh would be confirmed.  Basically, it's a desire to paint all men, no matter what their cultural upbringing and values, as uncontrolled pigs with the endorsed morals of the left.

The character of these charges is the first clue.  It starts with the second accuser:

The New Yorker reported on Sunday that Ramirez said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when they were at students at Yale University in the 1980s.  The magazine said she claimed that "he exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away."

Then the third accuser:

According to the claims, Ms. Swetnick graduated High School in 1980.  In 1982, as a college student, she was attending high-school parties where heavy drinking, drug use and gang rapes were occurring with regularity.  Ms. Swetnick went to the rape-parties at least ten times.  She is reporting this today, through [a] creepy porn lawyer, 37 years later.

If these drug and rape parties happened, as Ms. Swetnick claims, there would be dozens of witnesses throughout multiple years along with potential DNA evidence.  Additionally, there would be some record, something to substantiate this behavior, from classmates and homeowners.  There would likely be police records of these Maryland, DC, rape rings.  There would be multiple victims.  Forget the nomination, this would be, and would have been a scandal while it was happening.

Ms. Swetnick claims that Brett Kavanaugh, as a high-school teenager, was at these collegiate parties, personally spiking drinks so girls would become drunk, and then standing "in line" to participate in the gang rape.  Ms. Swetnick claims judge Kavanaugh was at these parties with regularity.  She identifies at least ten of them.

Then the fourth accuser:

An anonymous woman wrote to Sen. Cory Gardner's (R-Colo.) office on Sept. 22 alleging that the Supreme Court nominee shoved another woman "up against the wall very aggressively and sexually" in 1998 after leaving a bar where both had been drinking, the transcript states.  Kavanaugh denied any involvement in the events alleged in that complaint, which was first reported by NBC.

Then the fifth accuser (since recanted):

A Rhode Island man who accused Brett Kavanaugh of raping a "close associate of his" on a boat in 1985 recanted just hours after the claims were made public Wednesday.

The accuser, Jeff Catalan, called the office of Representative Sheldon White House of Rhode Island "making allegations concerning a rape on a boat in August of 1985," according to transcripts of a call between committee staff and Kavanaugh released on Wednesday.

Each increasingly fantastical tale has the mark of hysteria, similar to the increasingly insane charges children leveled at the McMartin pre-school in the 1980s, before the whole thing was blown apart by Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal.

On the other side of the hysteria is the audience, the leftists who don't want Kavanaugh, particularly from the #MeToo movement, who can see no holes in some of these concoctions, no motive for fame, no politics, believing every word and advancing farther to come up with increasingly crazy stuff.

It's about more than just discrediting Kavanaugh.  It has the look, actually, of a concerted effort to discredit the Catholic Church, and Catholic education in particular.

I went to a Catholic college.  While I knew of heavy drinking, there sure as heck was never any of that bizarre, kinky, amoral, and despicable behavior directed at women going on.  I never knew any Catholic schoolboys who engaged in this kind of garbage.  I knew of kids from state schools who did, but I just didn't see it from the Catholics at Catholic schools, because it wasn't the culture.

These creepy, weird acts sound more like something from Hollywood's culture.  These are things Harvey Weinstein could have done.

That brings us to the involvement of the left and #MeToo.

Weinstein's takedown, which, interestingly, was the work of Ronan Farrow, who later reported the second accuser's story, was above all an exposé of the common morality of the Hollywood left.  It led to a chain reaction and extended all through the media, the arts, academia, and even politics, taking down big idols and players like dominos.

The overwhelming majority of these takedowns were of leftists, because these leftists were acting out the natural permissive amoral values of liberalism.  Brett Kavanaugh's values – e.g., virginity – were the sort of things Hollywood always scorned and considered likely hypocrisy, based on its own values and experiences.

Now we get a chain of increasingly crazy claims about Kavanaugh, which go against all the evidence of his lived life and the sworn word of hundreds who know or knew him.

It's as if the #MeToo movement is trying to paint Kavanaugh as crazy as the Hollywood beasts, as a means of saying: All men do it.  Every man does it.  Right, left, they all do it.

But they don't all do it.  Leftists live these values, and a number of them were rightly taken down for it.  Most conservatives don't even have such grotesque thoughts or acts in their vocabulary, given that it's not in their culture.  Oh, you can always find some with Hollywood values.  But the prevailing culture, particularly in the religious establishments, such as the Catholic schools, is simply to reject that.  Such values, while they may exist, are never openly endorsed.

That leaves #MeToo mad that only leftists went down in the scandals.  Thus the crazy effort to paint Kavanaugh as not at all different from Weinstein.

Everybody does it – except that not everyone does it.  The left is averse as heck to taking a good look at itself and deciding which values it wants to embrace: respecting women or doing the moral free-for-all?  That's why this spectacle is becoming such a strange maelstrom.

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