The one sure thing about the Ford accusation against Kavanaugh: Zero proof

There is something we know that is absolutely true about the endless reports on networks and in newspapers about Christine Blasey Ford, and the man she is accusing of bad conduct, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. That would be that there is absolutely no evidence that indicates that Kavanaugh did anything to Ford in 1982 or at any other time she might come up with in the future. The first thing that the public should recognize about the reporting is that for the last several decades the media has colluded with Democrats to destroy people who get in the way of the Democrats' quest for power They have been supported with the tag teams of Hollywood and leftist groups. The technique is always the same and facts haven’t mattered. They throw mud against the wall on people and hope some of it sticks. It does not matter how many lives they destroy, the Democrat agenda is all that matters. They hope a significant amount of the public believes the crap they spew forth. There...(Read Full Post)
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