The left's attempted destruction of Kavanaugh is obscene

The overwrought hysteria among the Democrats who are pretending to take seriously Christine Blasey Ford's ridiculous accusation that Brett Kavanaugh groped her 36 years ago is disgraceful.  It is an all too obvious ploy to keep Kavanaugh off the SCOTUS.  That she has suffered emotional problems stemming from what she describes as an assault is ridiculous as well.  That she may be emotionally unstable is believable; no person of sound mind would do what she has done, when she did it.

Is this conclusion defamatory?  Not remotely, given what the left is doing to Kavanaugh.  This is all one shabby set-up, right out of their oft-used playbook.  The members of the left who are participating in this are thoroughly without shame and thus have no business being in Congress.  The members of the media who have joined in the attacks on Kavanaugh as if this woman's claim had validity are equally reprehensible.  All the usual suspects have jumped on board: Todd, Tapper, Matthews, O'Donnell, Camarota, Stephanopoulos, Sciutto, etc., along with virtually all the anchors at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS.  What they are doing is so beyond the pale that it is difficult to find the words to describe the insanity of the left's intention to destroy a good man for politics and power.

The American left, which is now wholly radical, thinks the American people are dimwitted and easily manipulated.  This is why the mainstream media spend so much time delivering fake news, with carefully chosen derisive words to demonize President Trump and his supporters.  To Hillary, we are all deplorable.  To Biden, we are the "dregs of society."  Biden said that when it comes to this type of accusation, all men should be considered guilty until proven innocent.  Biden was a senator and vice president and has not even a basic grasp of the Constitution!  So stupid are we, they believe, that we will fall for this outrageous stratagem to keep Kavanaugh off the Court.  They all have their roles to play.  Scandalized feminists, the all-white-men-are-pigs women, men like Biden who can't keep his hands off any female within his arm's reach no matter her age – all are right there, accepting Ford's claim as legitimate and leaping to the conclusion that Kavanaugh is another Harvey Weinstein.  They are all running to every TV camera they can find to join in this witch trial.  It is all an abomination, perpetrated on Kavanaugh and the citizens of this country by a gang of Democrats who would most likely run over their own mothers if it would serve their political agenda, especially to preserve abortion on demand.  These are all the same people, by the way, who defended Bill Clinton against his accusers and mocked his victims mercilessly. 

Happy to light a blaze of controversy under the Kavanaugh confirmation, Ford apparently did not expect to have to tell her tale in public, face the man she has maligned, or be given the opportunity to testify before the Judiciary Committee.  She demands that the FBI investigate her 36-year-old complaint when she has offered no details, not even the year when this groping occurred.  The woman is clearly troubled.

All these members of Congress are using this horrific smear to defend a woman none of them has met or spoken to.  They have only read her vague letter with no substantive details.  Each and every one of them – Feinstein, Blumenthal, Gillibrand, Hirono, etc. – the lot of them should all be sued for defamation.  They should all lose their seats for their crime against Kavanaugh and the citizens of this nation.

It is a safe bet that the Democrats mounting this calumny know that Ford's accusation is a lie and that she is an activist enlisted to be the instrument of Kavanaugh's undoing.  They certainly know that it is unprovable; that is their ace in the hole.  They are trying to take Kavanaugh out with scuttlebutt.  Bottom line?  The Democrats in Congress who have jumped on this stomach-turning bandwagon have shown their true colors.  They have demonstrated for all to see exactly who and what they are.  It is not a pretty picture.  Loathsome is not a strong enough word to describe Feinstein and her cohorts in this crime.

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