Speaking of thousands of deaths, let's look at the Obama record...

Since the media seem to think computer-generated deaths are more important than actual deaths in the case of Puerto Rico's death toll, and they're doing the same thing now in the case of Hurricane Florence, and they call President Trump a liar when he uses what were actual published numbers, I have some ideas on computer-generated reports that would keep think-tanks busy for a long time.  I am sure that most of the media would be anxious to regurgitate these reports without questions. How many deaths were caused, related to, or can be predicted because of President Obama and his administration? Lost track of guns with Fast & Furious. Prematurely pulled 100% of troops out from Iraq. Underestimated ISIS by calling it the J.V. team. Didn't enforce the fictitious red line in Syria. Said Syria got rid of its chemical weapons and trusted Putin to be the monitor. Wouldn't give Ukraine weapons so it could defend itself against...(Read Full Post)
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