South Africa: We've seen this sort of chaos before

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Zaire/Congo, Bangladesh, Angola, Mozambique, Somalia.  All victims to the bloody rise of communism in Africa.  To paraphrase Agent Smith of The Matrix: "You hear that, South Africa?  That is the sound of inevitability.  It is the sound of your death.  Goodbye, South Africa."  There appears to be no stopping the descent.  And as S.A. goes, so goes the continent. Dave Blount posts an eye-opening piece on the current status of S.A. in his blog, Moonbattery. The tragedy unfolding in South Africa is relevant to all of us because it indicates the fate of the West in general if political and demographic trends continue.  However, few people in the USA have any understanding of South Africa and its history other than the narrative the liberal media hammered through people's heads during its campaign to bring down Apartheid.  He cites horrific details of...(Read Full Post)
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