Roe v. Wade has aborted decency in the Democratic Party

How desperate are U.S. Senate Democrats to please their crazy base?  Very desperate, I guess. I am sure there is a decent Democrat out there who must be asking if saving Roe v. Wade is worth destroying the dignity and decency of the party. This week, we witness a new low in the effort to pander to the base.  Senator Feinstein, who until recently had been a moderate voice in the party, dropped a little bomb about Judge Kavanaugh's high school days.  We learned that Mr. Kavanaugh was a teenager and fond of a few pranks. In Kavanaugh's story, the girl did not drown, with the driver going into hiding for hours.  She did not "service" her boss in his office. Instead, the big reveal was an act of Democrat desperation, as Kathleen Parker wrote: After several days of showboating and judicial hazing, Democrats pulled out their biggest weapon against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh: a letter from...(Read Full Post)
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