Radical trans activist calls for 'violent general strike' if Kavanaugh confirmed

We all know that the Kavanaugh nomination fight is not about politics.  How do we know?  Nancy Pelosi says so.

Be that as it may, the radical left has once again shown its restrained, decorous opposition to Kavanaugh – elevating political discourse by showing the highest respect to those who disagree with it.

Or maybe not.

Far Left Watch:

In this thread, Emily asks her 32K Twitter followers if the confirmation of Kavanaugh would finally be enough for them to organize a "violent general strike", not just a "general strike" but a violent one.  Emily is an outspoken proponent of antifa and their often violent tactics.  She claims to be an anarchist but also appears to be at least somewhat sympathetic to authoritarian ideologies like Communism.  She also appears to be supportive of the violent antifa group that confronted and threatened Senator Ted Cruz and his family, Smash Racism DC.

Deb Heine of PJ Media reports that Emily G tried to walk back her call for violence the next day.

The activist on Friday disavowed the tweets, claiming they do not say what they seem to say.

How could anyone mistake a call for a "violent general strike" as a call for a "violent general strike"?  My bad.

Heine also has some other interesting information about who follows Gorcenski:

Gorcenski is one of only 3,641 people followed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and one of only 503 people followed by the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Watch" account, Far Left Watch points out[.]

Oh, my.  Delicious irony, indeed.

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