O'Keefe's Project Veritas exposes the DSA Pajama Boys of the IRS

Fear is a word associated with the powerful Internal Revenue Service.  These are people who are imagined to be humorous green eyeshade guys who can throw you in jail if you don't follow tax laws properly.  This is the agency of the hard-faced bureaucrat, Lois Lerner.  Now James O'Keefe's Project Veritas undercover reporting outfit actually exposed one of the IRS's tax auditors, revealing reasons to fear it, all right, but not the reasons you'd expect.

Get a load of the video:

Seriously, this Pajama Boy is an IRS tax-examiner?  The guy who can hand an ordinary taxpayer a $38,000 bill or send armed men to arrest someone?  This man, Thomas Sheehy, giggles like an idiot when discussing the Constitution with what is apparently an attractive female O'Keefe operative posing as a leftist reporter and approvingly states that former IRS tax director John Koskinen erased all the IRS emails targeting Tea Party groups on a partisan basis, which allowed IRS tax officials to get off scot-free and retire at six-figure salaries after illegally targeting the groups for additional enforcement.  He sounded a bit inebriated in the interview, but maybe he wasn't.  Real Pajama Boys talk like that all the time.

What's more, he's a Democratic Socialists of America member, and he apparently uses U.S. taxpayer-paid time to go do activism for the rabidly leftist group.  He disdains the Constitution, and he says he's got fellow DSA buddies running the IRS Twitter account, which must be something.

Here is the Project Veritas transcript:

SHEEHY: "I will say, I just really like the benefits. I get a lot of paid time off and sick days. So, like, for DSA stuff, I can just honestly… I will just stay late for a period. So, I will just call in for the next day."

SHEEHY: "I mean, as long as like the manager doesn't find out and you don't explicitly say "hey I'm calling in sick to do Democratic Socialist of America work" then I mean like yeah. You know, you just gotta, you just gotta like sort of manage, you know, when and where you're like doing, like, the work you do."

More Democratic Socialists of America at IRS

Sheehy reveals there are more socialist activists at the IRS, referring to a friend of his who works on national communications for the Democratic Socialists of America, as well as writing bylaws for the political organization.

SHEEHY: "My friend Chris, like he does a lot of like tech stuff. He even runs the f**kin', I was looking over his shoulder once at the electoral forum and I noticed that he actually is on the national social media working group. So, he helps run the national twitter account. He also runs our local twitter account. He also is one that does all the bylaws and stuff…. he also works for the IRS."

Sheehy remarks about his disdain for the Constitution of the United States.

SHEEHY: "Unfortunately, I am not allowed by the bylaws of my union to go against the constitution."

JOURNALIST: "Would you?"

SHEEHY: "Yeah."

O'Keefe also features another IRS employee, a lawyer, who doesn't come off much better.  That's some green eyeshade crew running the IRS, making life miserable for the taxpayers.  Who the heck hired these people of such dubious value, and why hasn't that place been hosed out?

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