No matter how low the Democrats go, I'm not ashamed to be a man

Every morning for the past seven days I have awakened to the horror of the latest obscene Democrat attack on Brett Kavanaugh and the calculated leftist conviction that this 36-year-old accusation is true because all men, especially all white men, are gropers and abusers of women.  With every ridiculous excuse for why they believe this unbelievable allegation, they are attacking my masculinity.  They are attacking the masculinity of the loving, women-adoring people that most men are.  I have been married for 53 years to the love of my life; three great kids, nine fabulous grandchildren and countless friends and relatives.  At no time have I ever looked into the mirror and seen a vindictive sexist human being.  I am a conservative; I am also a college teacher, a musician and a friend to all the wonderful people that populate my life. Being the father of a daughter and friend to many women who have experienced improper advances and yes, subtle and...(Read Full Post)
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