No matter how low the Democrats go, I'm not ashamed to be a man

Every morning for the past seven days I have awakened to the horror of the latest obscene Democrat attack on Brett Kavanaugh and the calculated leftist conviction that this 36-year-old accusation is true because all men, especially all white men, are gropers and abusers of women.  With every ridiculous excuse for why they believe this unbelievable allegation, they are attacking my masculinity.  They are attacking the masculinity of the loving, women-adoring people that most men are.  I have been married for 53 years to the love of my life; three great kids, nine fabulous grandchildren and countless friends and relatives.  At no time have I ever looked into the mirror and seen a vindictive sexist human being.  I am a conservative; I am also a college teacher, a musician and a friend to all the wonderful people that populate my life.

Being the father of a daughter and friend to many women who have experienced improper advances and yes, subtle and not so subtle molestations, I do understand how unpleasant, even horrific, these experiences can be.   As a man, I want to find each and every perpetrator and beat them to a pulp myself.  To me, that is my divine duty; women are precious to me and as a 74 year old big dude that is my charge.

However, when I listen to all the noise surrounding the Christine Blasey Ford accusations, I feel that I am being drawn into a Kafkaesque novella.  She has surrounded herself with hard core liberal partisans whose only goal is to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation past the drop dead date and the entire proceeding runs out the calendar. These anti-men shriekers, Hirono, Gillibrand, Blumenthal, Whitehouse, Durbin, Schumer, Joy Behar, and many others, have contempt for men, especially white men. They actually think we have no credibility or even the right to express or defend ourselves, unless we are doctrinaire Democrats.  Any accusation, spurious or not, is to be taken at face value.  I am appalled.  Slow-Joe Biden said this out loud; men should presumed guilty until proven innocent. He obviously lacks any familiarity with the Constitution.

I have two sons; both are fine, strong men, loving husbands and fathers.  How dare all the pusillanimous Democrats insult me and them and all the other wonderful men who populate my life.   We take our responsibility to protect our families very seriously and revel in the joy and privilege it affords us.  So does Kavanaugh.  That is indisputable.  

I truly hope that enough men and women who are observing this absurd, vicious kabuki theater realize that the only hope for our nation is to get out and vote to prevent the Democrats from destroying what is left of what America used to be. The future of every young man in our republic is at grave risk thanks to the power-mad grasping of the progressives who think nothing of devastating an individual man as a stand-in for all men.  Most men are decent, loving and non-toxic.

Women like Blasey Ford and her defenders, not one of whom in Congress has ever met or spoken to her, have done terrible damage to women and girls.  Two generations of women have been taught that men are their enemies, that children are an unnecessary burden, a contribution to overpopulation.  The have been taught to see men as predators when in fact they are natural protectors.  They are taught that they don't need protectors but they often do.

Blasey Ford is playing the victim, the victim of a grope 36 years ago about which she apparently has no specific memories.  This entire, abhorrent plot and all of its attendant anti-male nonsense is a crime, a terrible crime against this nation.

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