Nancy Pelosi gets surreal, calls on divine intervention, not politics, to block Kavanaugh

Is House minority leader Nancy Pelosi moving to new heights in the surreal?  Maybe, if it weren't for so much Machiavellian politicking deeply embedded in all of her statements ahead of what she thinks will be her time again for power when Democrats will retake the House.  Witness her latest forked-tongue press conference on the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, held yesterday on CSPAN:

How do we even start to unpack this?

Well, for starters, she wants you to know she's got God on her side, doing her bidding, sort of like her cabana boy.

"I'm praying for divine intervention," the former House speaker said.

See, Brett Kavanaugh, whom she dismisses as a 'beer-drinking altar boy," is this Great Awfulness she and her fellow Democrats need to be "saved" from, as she puts it.  Untold horrors will rain down otherwise.

This gives you a whiff of how strange it's getting.  Cripes, it's a Supreme Court nominee.

The reality is, the divine intervention she's invoking is all about preserving her pro-abortion stance.  Like Chelsea Clinton, she sees abortion as God's work, a Christian duty.  I'm waiting for her to declare it a sacrament.

The grandness doesn't end there.  Next up, she says Democrats haven't got a political bone in their bodies.

"It isn't for us a political issue.  It isn't something that we fan the flame of.  We just want them to have the investigation so the integrity of the court is upheld and the respect for the woman making the allegations is there, and that should be in every case," Pelosi told reporters at a press conference on Friday.

"For us, it's so much bigger than politics or elections," Pelosi continued.  "It's about America and who we are, and it's about women coming forward."

See, Pelosi's only interest is in things greater than politics, bigger than politics.  Only Republicans do politics, you understand.  Democrats do moral imperatives.  The God thing.  Oh, and what a convenient coincidence: God is Pelosi's cabana boy.

See, she has connections.

We're already seeing a pattern here of making stances greater than mere political positions.  It suggests that Pelosi doesn't want to fight over political positions; she just wants to silence anyone who opposes her based on her moral grandeur.

Then a reporter addressed even more grandness, asking Pelosi if President Trump was trying to "break" the #MeToo movement with this Kavanaugh nomination.

But of course, she said.

The fact that Kavanaugh mentored more female law clerks than anyone; coached girls' basketball; acted always as a gentleman, according to the women around him; and, up until the Christine Blasey Ford accusation, never had a bad word said about him meant nothing, because, well, the #MeToo movement isn't really about women's equality, or respect for women; it's all about the abortion rice bowl Pelosi supports, and which, by coincidence, Harvey Weinstein so enthusiastically supported, along with his female director training initiative at University of Southern California.

Breaking the #MeToo movement?  With a respectful-of-women guy like Kavanaugh?  Virtually all of the men who were thrown out of power based on the #MeToo movement were dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and leftists.  It sounds as though she wants to bring back Harvey Weinstein, because he was pretty much the polar opposite of Kavanaugh, standing for everything Kavanaugh didn't, particularly on the abortion front, which he funded liberally.  Weinstein was also a big-time Democrat donor and mouthed all the Pelosi platitudes about women's rights and abortion.  How Kavanaugh could be the instrument of this is absurd, given that he wouldn't tolerate Weinstein for ten minutes.  In Pelosi's logic, though, it's all explainable if she means #MeToo as a synonym for abortion rights.

There she is, in all her glory, viciously smearing Kavanaugh as evil, as someone God must save humanity from, and then claiming she's not political.  Nope, at this point, she's going cosmic, demonstrating with perfection that she's living on another planet.

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