Mexican flag flies proudly over town where illegal alien killed Mollie Tibbetts

When an invading army captures a town, they usually run up the flag, to show who's in charge. But in America, we don't need an occupying army. We do it to ourselves. Witness the town of Brooklyn, Iowa, where Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an illegal alien, which proudly flies the flag of Mexico.

According to the liberal media, Brooklyn was one big happy multicultural town, until conservatives ruined it by complaining about the illegal alien who murdered Mollie. Really.

...police found Tibbetts’s body discarded in a cornfield. They charged Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a local farmhand, with her murder. And they announced that Rivera, who had no prior criminal history, was an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

For most people in Brooklyn, though, Rivera’s legal status is a distraction. This time should be about Mollie, they say, not the man accused of killing her.

This is the liberal line. On the statistically rare occasions when a white person kills a black, the liberal media can talk about nothing else other than the race of the accused. But when an illegal alien does the killing, they don't want  to talk about perpetrators. They treat it like the weather. It's just something that happens.

The wave of racist rhetoric prompted organizers to cancel two nearby Latino heritage festivals.

The WaPo calls it "racist" rhetoric because it's anti-illegal alien. But shouldn't Brooklyn have more American heritage festivals than Latino ones?

They [Liberals] resented that Tibbetts, whom they describe as warm, sharp, liberal and loquacious, was being used as a pawn for a political position she never would have adopted.

Would Tibbetts have wanted to end illegal immigration, if it would have saved her own life? If she was truly a liberal, perhaps not!

At her memorial service on Sunday, Rob Tibbetts defended the Latino community, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, they’re Iowans with better food.”

Of course. Illegal aliens are better than Americans in every way, according to the liberals. Actually, I think illegal aliens are just like Iowans who don't speak much English. And speaking of that...

Eustaquio “Capi” Bahena Radilla... wouldn’t know if neighbors were whispering about him — he doesn’t speak English.

A good thing we have ballots in Spanish!

Rumors circulated that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials planned to raid Brooklyn, and fearful families weighed whether to stay or go.

You have to empathize a little, right? These people feel terrorized by the country they illegally invaded and are currently occupying.

An American is killed by an illegal alien. And so the media is filled with stories about illegal aliens who feel oppressed by backlash to the killing, and praise for the flying of the national flag of the killer's nation of origin. It's no longer surprising, just sad.

File image of Mexican flag via Pixabay

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