Liberals, abortion, and Gollum's precious

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

This week will unveil the liberals' ugly love of abortion, a devotion not seen since Gollum possessed and later sought to retain "The One Ring."  Abortion is the liberal central theme, their only real issue, the foundation upon which their platform rests.  They will do and say anything to keep possession of their "precious" this week as Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings get under way.  

Calvin Woodward speaks for all liberal Gollums as he keeps returning to this central love in a September 1 article for the AP.

Concerning Kavanaugh's judicial record, Woodward writes, "With some ideological mashup, it's been conservative in the main, reflecting views that could swing the court right on abortion, gay rights, executive power and more for decades to come."

Tolkien would have written this phonetically, "With ssssome ideological maassshhhup, it'sss been conssservative..."

Like Sméagol, Woodward's mind keeps returning to the one and only true object of his affection.

AP's review of Kavanaugh's judicial record and decades of his writings and speeches does not illuminate whether he would vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision establishing the right to abortion.  But his record suggests he would vote to support restrictions.

Kavanaugh might, maybe, could one day, vote for restrictions?  We can't have that, can we now, my precious?

The irony is that every other principle of the New Democratic Socialist Party of America is all about control and restriction.  The left wants to control what words and ideas are "acceptable" on a university campus.  The Affordable Care Act is all about controlling and restricting medical insurance coverage.  Liberals took control of and now get to define "marriage."  Having won that battle, they sought to control public and school restrooms with transgender restrictions.  The right to a basic income is essentially a call for government control of how much money an individual can make. 

Look at any ghetto in a Democratic Party-controlled and restricted major city, and notice how "basic income" perverts human nature and its resulting activities.

Every aspect of Sméagol was altered by possession of The One Ring.  His outward appearance and inward personality grew too ugly to be perceived in public.  He became the horrid and evil Gollum.

You will see him personified this week as the left attacks Judge Brett Kavanaugh in defense of its "precious."

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