Liberal throws huge fit in airport for being addressed with incorrect title

In the movie The Equalizer, Denzel Washington is explaining The Old Man and the Sea to a young woman who asks why the old man doesn't just cut the fish loose rather than let the shark eat it.  Washington replies, "The old man gotta be a man.  The fish gotta be a fish."  Identity as destiny.  Everybody's gotta be who he is and act in character, no matter what else may be going down. In this vein, a female Qantas passenger got all hot and bothered because the airline called for her as "Miss" rather than "Doctor."  She used Twitter to spread the story about this "microaggression" and followed it up with a tweet saying her snit was "not about my ego." At least this happened in the United Kingdom and not America.  How embarrassing for the University of Exeter, where this doctor lectures, that now the whole world knows what whining babies fill the university's...(Read Full Post)
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