Kavanaugh's accuser recovered her memory at the time Dems were panicked Romney would win and nominate him to SCOTUS

Bookworm has noticed an odd coincidence: after telling no one her story about the alleged incident for decades, she suddenly remembered and spoke about it in couples' therapy in 2012, when leftists perceived the possibility that Mitt Romney, ahead in the polls, would win the presidency and appoint Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  She writes:

In 2012, Romney ran against Obama.  Up until his 47% gaffe, Romney was doing well.  He actually had a shot of winning.

For the Democrats, as has been the case since Bork, having a Republican in the White House, especially with the ever-aging but never retiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg a perpetual risk, raised the specter of a conservative judge getting appointed to the Supreme Court.  With that in mind, one Twitter user, who must have an amazing memory, remembered something interesting he'd read back in 2012:

https://t.co/hxaYqQfPI0 March 2012, the left was preparing for a possible Romney win. They assessed that Kavanaugh would be his Supreme Court pick and this accusation was ready to go. Then Obama won so the story died. Now its reemerged. Read last few lines of this 2012 article

— Stonewall Jackson (@1776Stonewall) September 16, 2018

I'll save you a click to The New Yorker website.  The article, which The New Yorker published in 2012, is a Jeffrey Toobin analysis about Bret [sic] Kavanaugh and the threat he would pose should he get on the Supreme Court.  According to Toobin, Kavanaugh was a scary conservative who, if he got on the Court, might overturn Obamacare[.] ...

 Just pay attention to that last paragraph:

If a Republican, any Republican, wins in November, his most likely first nominee to the Supreme Court will be Brett Kavanaugh. (Emphasis mine.)

In 2012, Romney might have won the election. In 2012, Toobin stoked Democrat fears that Kavanaugh, a conservative, might get on the Supreme Court and overturn Obamacare.  And in 2012, Ford…suddenly can't stop talking about her hitherto undisclosed claim that Kavanaugh was a bad boy almost 30 years before.

It certainly is an odd coincidence.

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