Kavanaugh smeared, but two men coming forward actually find the real (narrative) killer

Is the nightmarish miasma of increasingly flimsy charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about to come to an end?  Sure looks like it, as two men step forward and say they were the ones who assaulted the woman who charges Kavanaugh with the assault 37 years ago.  It's as if O.J. Simpson really did find "the real killer."

According to USA Today:

WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee has questioned two men who say they, not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, had the disputed encounter with Christine Blasey Ford at a 1982 house party that led to sexual assault allegations. 

The revelation was included in a late-night news release by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the top Republican on the committee.  The release includes a day-by-day view of the committee's investigative work over the last two weeks since allegations surfaced targeting Kavanaugh.

Oh, my.  You wouldn't expect the real attackers to come forward just to keep Kavanaugh from having to bear an improbable accusation of sexual predation and having to defend himself alone.  How often does anyone see someone take a bullet based on his own actions to at least ensure that someone innocent doesn't take it?  They would have had nothing to gain from this, yet they came forward, signaling that they eventually grew up.  Incredibly, it has happened.

Something like this has potential to end the whole nightmare for Kavanaugh.

Blasey's charge, unlike the others, who came off as increasingly tawdry copycats, really was something that had some kind of evidence to it.  It was also the only one that got its own hearing in the Senate – the others are such junk that it looks unlikely that they will, particularly because there are no witnesses and no accusers willing to go under oath.

Kavanaugh's first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, did say that someone attacked her in the early 1980s.  While she was lacking in significant details, it didn't mean nothing happened; it meant only that it was all but impossible to prove, hence the protester slogan "believe women."  Ford discovered that the problem was affecting her relationships, and in 2012, a therapist made notes, naming no one.  So it seems clear that something did happen, but it certainly didn't have Kavanaugh's name attached to it.

This fits right in with the new information that two men came forward and said they were the teenage perpetrators.

Ford, and the Senate Democrats who would do anything to keep Kavanaugh off the court despite not having enough votes, now has a face-saving way out, as do the senators staring down #MeToo mobs.  Oh, they could conceivably claim that the two men are the ones making the mistaken identification.  Or they could claim that Ford was assaulted more than once, something that isn't supported by her therapist notes, which cited one incident.  But if multiple elements hold together, such as other eyewitnesses, which Ford has not been able to produce so far, it could be curtains for the whole sorry affair, while not ruining Ford.

As for Democrats, it will be that "foiled again" feeling as they stew in their absence of votes and inability to smear an honest man.  The Anita Hill redux the Democrats so hope to win on will turn into another bust, and the pussy-hat marchers will come out, but Kavanaugh's nightmare will be over, and he will take his Court seat to set a rule-of-law, not rule-of-activism, majority.

One can only hope that truth will come out with these two unexpected men who wanted to correct the record – and correct the increasingly awful course of our republic.

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