Is this the hill they die on?

Ask yourself the following question: is the repugnant and egregious behavior of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and their enablers the hill they want to die on?  Is the hideous, unfounded, but well coordinated attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh worth it, considering that President Trump may have the opportunity to nominate not one, but perhaps two more people to the Supreme Court during his tenure in the White House?  Given the better than average chance that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Senate by the end of this week, it's not far-fetched to imagine that future Senate Judiciary Committee hearings will be tainted from the outset, clouded by doubt and much more nefarious behavior by Democrats, and punctuated with despicable vulgarity.

Democrats' grossly miscalculated strategy of character assassination has fallen woefully short of achieving their desired outcome.  Two women, assisted by an army of lawyers, enablers, and far-left political operatives, crafted narratives that not only are devoid of specific details and factual evidence, but feature no corroborating witnesses.  Not surprisingly, all the witnesses named to date have categorically denied the allegations, leaving both of the accusers drowning in a sea of doubt and suspicion.  In a bizarre twist of logic, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm stated on a CNN panel that no corroborating witnesses absolutely proves the accuser's allegation to be true.  Obviously, Granholm has never set foot in an American courtroom, in which actual evidence and eyewitness testimony are required to prove guilt.

Not to be outdone, Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono declared the Senate Judiciary Committee a court of credibility, based on the belief that since accusers have come forward, their allegations are true, and they must be believed.  Putting aside the real task of the committee, which is to "advise and consent" on presidential nominees to the Supreme Court, Hirono displays stunning ignorance regarding not only her role on the committee, but the American legal system as well.  Twisted logic supersedes once again – the accused is guilty based solely on the repressed memories of the accusers, who have provided vague details void of verifiable factual evidence, lacking police reports and eyewitness testimony.  Incredible as it sounds, Senator Hirono earned her law degree from Georgetown University.  If Hirono is the standard by which all Georgetown law students are to be judged, I've made a mental note never to hire a Georgetown Law School graduate.

If the lewd and lascivious allegations of Judge Kavanaugh's former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez aren't enough to thoroughly discredit the ongoing spectacle, degenerate porn lawyer Michael Avenatti claims there is a third female accuser ready to go public, who will accuse Judge Kavanaugh and his high school friend Mark Judge of pimping girls for sex after drugging and liquoring them up.  According to Avenatti, the newest accuser has a security clearance, which makes her more credible.  Surprisingly, Jeffrey Toobin, chief legal analyst for CNN, called Avenatti's claims irresponsible.  Toobin went on to say, "It's publicity seeking of the worst kind.  To just throw this garbage out there with no name, I think is awful."  Apparently, Toobin has come to the conclusion that this is not the hill to die on.

Given the depth of Democrat depravity and reprehensible behavior to date, there is no questioning the level of lewdness the Democrats will stoop to in their poorly contrived attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh.

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