Internal poll shows GOP has its work cut out for it

A private poll commissioned by the Republican National Committee and obtained by Bloomberg has some sobering news for the GOP. According to the survey, many Trump-supporters don't think there's anything to worry about as far as Democrats taking over Congress after the midterm elections.  President Trump's boasts that a "red wave" could increase Republican majorities appear to have lulled GOP voters into complacency, raising the question of whether they'll turn up at the polls. While most election forecasters, as well as strategists in both parties, believe Democrats are likely to win the 23 seats necessary to take control of the House of Representatives, Republican voters aren't convinced, the survey shows. According to the RNC study, completed on Sept. 2 by the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, most voters believe Democrats will win back the House – just not Republican voters.  Fully half of...(Read Full Post)
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