If you thought what Google was doing to conservatives was bad, look at what it is doing in China

Google has drawn a lot of scrutiny, and not in a good way, for biasing search results against conservatives, artificially promoting leftists and leftwing causes, and smearing and blacklisting conservatives.  This 2016 account by psychologist, artificial intelligence maven, and tech whiz Robert Epstein gives a superb point-by-point breakdown of what Google's been up to so far.  (Epstein is the same guy in the news two days ago who said there is credible evidence that Google manipulated search results to swing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.) So much for not being evil. But all of this is nuisanceware compared to what the people at Google have been caught doing in China and are now trying to cover up.  According to Glenn Greenwald's The Intercept: Google bosses have forced employees to delete a confidential memo circulating inside the company that revealed...(Read Full Post)
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