Hey, dregs of society! Joe Biden wants your vote

You'd think Democrats would have learned their lesson about the electoral hazards of denigrating large numbers of voters. Hillary Clinton, for one, should have with her "deplorables" descriptor about Donald Trump's voters.  She didn't, even after the example of the GOP's Mitt Romney, who lost his election with his off-the-record "47%" remark.

Now here comes Joe Biden.

Sure enough, he just came out denouncing President Trump's voters again, this time calling them the "dregs of society" to a gay special interest group that opposes Trump on Saturday.

Get a load of the pious tears and flapdoodle:

"Forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you have made," the former vice president warned his audience.

"This time they – not you – have an ally in the White House," he said.

"They're a small percentage of the American people, virulent people.  Some of them, the dregs of society," Biden said.

See, Joe and his audience are the enlightened ones, and anyone who doesn't share their common vision is part of the "dregs," the people who should be eliminated, as Mao put it.  Instead of trying to uplift his audience on their own merits, Biden uplifts himself for them by putting others down.

This is amazing, given that Biden is the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 and is said to be that because of his working-class appeal to white blue-collar voters, the very people who voted for Trump because they didn't like being called "deplorables."  Biden frequently talks out of turn, and in the minds of Democrats, that's no longer a problem if voters take a candidate "seriously but not literally," as Salena Zito put it.

But the fact remains that the little insult, telling us how the left really feels about us, has slipped out, yet again.  It's part of a broad pattern of painting Republicans as intolerant, even though President Trump is probably the most gay-friendly president of all time.  Funny how those intolerant dregs like to vote.  It also goes to show that Biden has come a long way from his working stiff image and is just another slick Washington swamp thing, raking in the buku-bucks based on his government connections and sneering at the voters among his friends.  Peter Schweizer documented in detail the plutocratic profits the Biden family have made for themselves based on their Washington connections.

With that kind of privileged power comes an amazing privileged arrogance.  It's not enough to denounce citizens for voting for Republicans.  Biden wants to make sure to label them the "dregs of society" to boot.  Let's see how well that plays in campaign 2020.

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