Gushy press coverage of Bob Woodward's new book is a disgrace

Washington Post biggie Bob Woodward's swamp bestseller, called Fear, claiming that the Trump administration is having a "nervous breakdown," is now out, and the press is having a field day. Journalists are busy repeating the claims of this anonymously sourced book, chapter and verse, because it's a book that says exactly what they want it to say.  And who knows?  Maybe they'd like a job from him, too. This kind of uncritical reportage is problematic, and not for just minor reasons. Why do the media just repeat the stuff in Woodward's book with no independent verification?  They're so-called reporters, so it's their job to treat everything they cover with some reasonable skepticism.  In this, they don't show it. What's more, Woodward's book, with all its unsubstantiated and noticeably negative claims, breaks the most basic rules of journalism, which ought to be a red flag to the rest of...(Read Full Post)
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