Farrakhan out front at the Aretha Franklin funeral cropped from news photos

The funeral of Aretha Franklin was a defining moment for the black civil rights-linked establishment, yet who should turn up in its front row but Nation of Islam chief and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan?  This is the so-called "leader" who calls Hitler "a good man."  The press, particularly MSNBC, is trying to cover it up. That certainly leaves a double-sour note on what could have been at least a respectable occasion.  Seriously, how'd that freak get in there, and why the heck was he seated in the front row, alongside the other so-called leaders of the black "community," such as the just barely past the respectable line Jesse Jackson; Al Sharpton; and America's supposed "first black president"; Bill Clinton? It is what it is, and what it shows is that Franklin, at best, didn't pay attention to what kind of black people she was supporting in her long and storied musical...(Read Full Post)
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