Fading star power of Obama draws only 750 people for kickoff rally of his election campaigning

Gone are the heady days when Barack Obama could fill a stadium with his followers.  Like a former sitcom star now doing dinner theater performances, he is self-relegated to lesser venues and smaller crowds.  On Saturday, at what Think Progress (house organ of the left-wing Center for American Progress) called "his first campaign stop of the midterm elections," only 750 people (T.P.'s estimate) turned out at the Anaheim Convention Center to partake of the Barack experience. About 750 people attended the event at Anaheim Convention Center, where Obama delivered a short speech centered on unity and the "politics of hope."  And, after a story about getting kicked out of Disneyland when he was caught smoking in the Magic Kingdom after a concert as a teenager, Obama issued an impassioned critique of Trump and the state of American democracy and encouraged the crowd to back the candidates he came to support. No...(Read Full Post)
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